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massage is a great way to relax

Having a massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body. There are an abundance of benefits which include pain management, healing, increased energy and reduced stress. If you have been interested in getting a professional massage, read through our service options for a massage in Pace below.

Full Body Massage

During a full body massage, our massage therapist will use her hands to apply gentle, soothing pressure to multiple areas of your body, from head to toe. This is designed to put you in a state of relaxation. Full body massage therapy will increase the circulation throughout your body and encourage your muscles to release their tension. This is a great massage for those who wish to rejuvenate and distress.


Swedish Massage

Our Swedish Massage techniques apply pressure and strokes to relax your tense muscles, soothe your nervous system, reduce swelling and remove toxins from body tissues. Swedish massage is a great technique to start relieving your stress if you are new to massage therapy. We’ll adjust the pressure we apply to your body to make it comfortable for you.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is ideal for our Pace clients who need relief from chronic tension and pain that has resulted from overuse, athletic training or chronic stress. It is similar to Swedish Massage, with specific attention.


Herbal Foot Soak

Our feet work hard for us and take punishment that causes rough skin, blisters and pain. Give your feet a little pampering with an herbal foot bath. Let them soak and absorb our special herbal solution. Make your feet feel healthy with an herbal foot soak.


Essential Oil Massage

Essential oils are the second part to our massage oil concoctions. Essential oils are too strong for application alone. This is why they are missed with carrier oils which also have their own therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are very different from carrier oils as they are much stronger and can come from a variety of different sources. Commonly, they are distilled from plant products such as leaves, flowers or wood chips. Essential oil when massaged into the skin can provide some relief from muscle fatigue, migraines and, in some cases, depression. It is recommended for the treatment of muscular aches and pains. Essential oil is also good for cellulite, typically in the thighs.



Did you know that your hands, feet and ears are connected to other vital areas within your body? You can stimulate circulation and healing to these hard-to-reach organs by simply massaging certain points on your extremities. People decide to have a foot reflexology massage to help them to alleviate pain and affliction from a multitude of ailments.


Hot stone Body Massage

Do you ever wish that your pain would melt away? You simply need a few hot stones. This massage will ease your tension and increase your metabolism. Like other massages, a hot stone massage will also promote good blood flow throughout the body and provide you with a renewed sense of energy.


Massage Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha

This is a technique that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote relaxation and healing. Cupping targets certain areas of the body that could benefit from increased blood flow that provides an abundance of rejuvenating nutrients.


What is different about Authentic Asian Massage?

Value and Technique. At Milton Massage & Spa you get the amount of massage minutes that you pay for. Unlike some others that take 10 minutes from your massage for them to get the room ready or stop 10 minutes short for you to get dressed. At Milton Massage & Spa we specialize in Chinese Massage Techniques. We feel that Chinese Massage Techniques are the best type of massage.


About Chinese Massage Techniques

Tui na involves stretching, kneading and pushing the muscles, Zhi Ya involves pressing and pinching acupressure points to relieve stress and pain. Each technique is based on therapeutic principles with relative effects such as stimulating the body to release more hormones, regulating blood flow or boosting energy or recovery. “Shou fa” or hand techniques are further categorized into sedating techniques or “yin” and stimulating techniques or “yang.” The idea is to balance both yin and yang to achieve full health.


Benefits of Asian Massage

Asian massage therapy provides pain relief from sore and injured muscles. The techniques improve blood flow to areas, which facilitates health and gets rid of lactic acid buildup. The techniques also help produce a calm and relaxing mood. It is a great way for people to rejuvenate and soothe themselves psychologically from stress. Regular massage sessions boost immunity and prevent the body from developing degenerative diseases, which usually involve the muscles, internal organs, and bones. According to a study published in the “Archives of Disease in Childhood” in 2012, patients showed significant improvements in their conditions after the application of such techniques.


Get Your Authentic Asian Massage Today!

At Pace Massage & Spa, we also use essential oils as part of our massage therapy sessions. These oils provide clients with benefits that go beyond a relaxing scent. In combination with ancient Asian massage practices, we can have you feeling relaxed and energetic after one session. If you are interested in massage therapy in Pace, Milton, and Pensacola, contact a representative with Milton Massage & Spa today or call us at 850-332-5931